Phone Location Services and Privacy Compliance

DashPass strictly complies with district policies on geo-tracking by not requesting, collecting, storing, sending or receiving phone geo-location data.

school dismissal

Our patented technology works as follows:

The DashPass administration system sends the geo coordinates of the school and the radius the school administrators set up for the geo-fence to the DashPass mobile app.

When DashPass is opened by the user and is on the foreground of the phone, it asks the phone’s location services to notify it when the phone is within the geo-fence. When that happens, the DashPass mobile sends the DashPass administration system a request to queue the students saying “Mr/Mrs. Parent/Guardian is here to collect a student.” The DashPass administration system then knows which students need to be queued. DashPass does not require “Allow all-the-time” permission. Only “While using the app”. That is, the parent/guardian must open the app manually when they arrive at school.

At NO POINT IN TIME does DashPass send to the system any location information of the phone/user. That is, DashPass has no way of knowing where the phone is until the phone says “I am within the area you set up” but DashPass does not know where it is exactly. Only that at a given time, the phone crossed into the geo-fence. Hence, DashPass does not collect, store, or transmit location information at all, not inside the phone nor in the platform. For safety reasons, DashPass only knows the time the phone crossed into the geo-fence.