Manage your dismissals with DashPass!

DashPass is a secured, automated mobile platform that optimizes the student pickup experience for parents and school staff.

Let DashPass organize the car line.

The bell rings, the car line builds. Using patented technology, DashPass automatically notifies teachers and staff that the student is ready to be picked up. This keeps the flow of students from their classrooms to the cars and buses without the need of several staff members walking the car line with their walkie talkies in hand.

Relieve your staff of phone duty.

Using the DashPass mobile app, parents can change the pickup mode without having to call your school, giving back hours of phone duty to your front desk staff.

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Keep students in the classroom until the ride arrives.

Handle pickup changes without telephone calls.

Reduce the number of staff managing the car line.

Reduce your work by allowing parents to manage their own pickup authorizations and carpools.

Let bus riders know when the bus is ready for them.

Make sure the driver is authorized to pick up the student.

Clever Connection

DashPass is now a Clever-certified App Partner. Please visit DashPass Pickup for Clever for more information.

Multiple Language Support

The free DashPass App is now in English, Español, Português, Kreyòl, Français, Pусский, Italiano, and Deutsch!

Ready to

Designed for K-12 schools, DashPass is the
smarter, safer choice for customized student
release management solutions, no matter
the school size.
Ready to do things faster?
The installation process is just
a few clicks away.

“We’re finding solutions together so that schools can deliver safe and effective education.”

Mitch Rogers, Director

“Today’s risks to students from outsiders demand that the safety measures already in place from bell-to-bell be extended from the classroom to the car. That’s why there’s DashPass.”

Jorge Agnese, President

“Managing the rate of release of students from the classroom to the car lowers the risk of accidents, miscommunication, bullying, and other common problems that occur during the school dismissal time.”

Jorge Agnese, President