Automated Dismissal Systems
Automated dismissal systems, like DashPass, can play a critical role in improving the safety and efficiency of student dismissal for schools. With an automated system, schools can easily manage student pickups, identify authorized individuals, and track the release of students, all while ensuring the security and privacy of student information.

Automated dismissal systems can also improve traffic flow and reduce wait times for parents and guardians, which can be especially important in areas where traffic congestion is a concern.

By providing real-time updates and notifications to parents and guardians, schools can help them plan for and anticipate any potential delays, minimizing frustration and stress.

In emergency situations, automated dismissal systems can be particularly important, allowing schools to quickly and efficiently account for students and release them to authorized individuals.

By providing a secure way to manage student information, schools can ensure that students are released only to the appropriate individuals, reducing the risk of confusion or mistakes during the reunification process.

Automated dismissal systems can help schools improve the safety and efficiency of their dismissal procedures, while also providing peace of mind to parents and guardians. By leveraging technology like DashPass, schools can streamline their processes and focus on providing a safe and secure environment for their students.
No more headaches at the pickup line
Faster Car Lines
DashPass immediately notifies teachers and staff when a student is ready to be picked up, keeping a consistent flow of students from their classrooms to their rides as efficiently as possible.
Safer Dismissal
Access to DashPass is secured to ensure that only authorized teachers, staff, and parents can use the app. Parents must pre-approve all pickup contacts in the app prior to dismissal.
Convenient and Easy
DashPass is easy to download and use, and eliminates the hassle of having to contact the school to add authorized pickup contacts. It’s all conveniently handled in the app.
Award-Winning and
Making a Difference
DashPass is a recipient of the Top Education Apps Provider awards for 2022 reserved for education solutions at the forefront of technology in education.
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