Every student. Every step of the way.

DashPass is the only automated classroom-to-car student release management system to offer patented, customizable technology for a streamlined dismissal. With a contact-free, social distancing approach, the platform provides schools with the tools needed to minimize risk and protect students and staff.

school dismissal

DashPass helps optimize pickup time with the following features:

• District-level tools and integration — DashPass is a fully hosted, easy-to-install solution that allows rapid deployment and secure integration with the School’s Student Information System.

• Fully automated, contact-free release of students — Seamlessly follow social distancing protocols and guidelines with minimal hands-on staff involvement.

• Easy-to-use dismissal app for parents and guardians — Parents simply download the FREE DashPass mobile app, which allows them to make last-minute pickup changes without contacting the school.

• Authorized pickup verification — A secure, two-step verification process allows Parents/Guardian to validate and approve additional authorized drivers.

• Carpool management and pickup scheduling — Only Parents/Guardians can add additional drivers for carpooling and scheduling right from the app. No more calling the school to find out how children are getting home.

• Contact-free dismissal change requests* — Early releases, absences, and changes in pickup modes (bus, walk, aftercare, etc.) are scheduled by parents directly in the app, eliminating the need for them to enter the school’s front office to sign out their child.

• Mobile and browser-based administration management tools — School staff can easily manage the flow of students, right from a tablet or desktop.

• Arrival and departure verification — With geo-fencing capabilities, DashPass knows when a car arrives in the school-designated pickup zone and again when it leaves. Schools determine the school’s geo-fence, which can be a few blocks or a few miles, and manage the flow of cars coming in and out.

• Bus management — Just like cars, buses are tracked through the arrival and departure verification process, notifying teachers when to release students.