Today, schools are focused on doing all that can keep students safe. Security measures can be found in the design of facilities; training of staff and students. Almost all of these measures protect students during the school day and fail to provide security from one of the most vulnerable parts of the school day: dismissal.

DashPass increases security during the dismissal process as students remain in the safest place for them, inside their classroom. By remaining in the classroom, students are in the best supervision of staff members trained to follow emergency protocol for security.

Order, Speed, Efficiency

Traditionally, communities love to have neighborhood schools, but NOT the after school pickup traffic congestion. DashPass allows for a more orderly and efficient pickup of students. Releasing students only upon verified arrival of parent or guardian reduces their exposure outside of facility security measures and prevents the curb side from congesting of students awaiting parents that are not yet on campus. By reducing the chaos of large groups of students in the loading area, staff has more control and dismissal procedures are more safe and effective.

Ready to

Designed for K-12 schools, DashPass is the smarter, safer
choice for customized student release management
solutions, no matter the school size. Ready to do things
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